Today, everyone can access virtual sites dedicated to the subject, obtaining a large amount of information on the operation of a modern ski lift, from simple ski lifts to technological gems of detachable lifts, as well as everything related to current events and news from the cableway world.

However, we cannot forget that the availability of reliable steel cables has allowed, since the second half of the XIX century, their application in the transport sector according to different design philosophies, from terrestrial funiculars (since 1861 with the Agudio system ), then with the cableways for goods transport (since 1889) and after a few years, between the 19th and 20th centuries, with the first installations for passenger transport.

It was therefore at the beginning of the 20th century that in Italy the adventure of this new transport system for tourist use began, which evolved slowly at first and then gradually more quickly, until it reached the threshold of the 21st century with a technology level unimaginable only 70 years ago.

All this makes the time interval between the first post-war period and the 1990s particularly interesting. In this period, in fact, those who will rightly be called “pioneers” of a new way of approaching the mountains stand out : engineers, architects, industrialists and entrepreneurs, all equally far-sighted.

Una storia lunga 100 anni